Regular use of the OPTIMUM FOCUS Ionic Detox Foot Bath may achieve:

  • * Cellular Cleansing
  • * Anti-aging
  • * Boosted Immune System
  • * Clearer Skin Complexion
  • * Joint/ Pain Relief
  • * Weight Loss
  • * Increased Circulation
  • * Reduced Stress & Fatigue
  • * Reduced  Swelling/Inflammation
  • * Improved Joint Stiffness
  • * Activates body's natural elimination system
  • * And more…


By placing your feet in a warm tub of water for 35 minutes, you are comfortably and easily cleansing at the cellular level.  You'll feel revitalized, balanced, healthy and ready to enjoy life, often as a result of just a single bath.

Most people do not have enough physical energy to carry them through an entire day without having to resort to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, processed fast foods or drugs in order to stimulate, tease or threaten the cells of the body into assisting them: setting up energetic chaos within the body.  Emotional stresses also weaken the body.  Perpetuating this physical imbalance weakens the immune system, continuing and contributing to the lack of sufficient daily energy.  Lack of sufficient energy, aches, pains, and physical disease are all signs of imbalance occurring at the cellular level.  When ignored, or masked over by stimulates, this condition only continues to get worse.

"In the largest study of chemical exposure ever conducted on human beings, the U.S. Center for Disease control and Prevention reported that most American children and adults have in their bodies dozen of pesticides and toxic compounds used in consumer products, many of them lined to potential health threats." 

Los Angeles Times, Monday, July 25, 2005

We all have unique energetic field produced by the atoms that are vibrating at a rapid and varying rates with in our cells.  Everything we ingest into our body and everything that we physically or emotionally experience affects our cells.


The "energetic foot bath" is an application of a medically approved process, 'Peritoneal Dialysis'.  This process uses osmosis to remove impurities from the body.   Osmosis is the phenomenon of fluids passing through a semi-permeable membrane from a less dense solution.  When working with the human body, this fluid transfer takes valence toxins from the body in to the solution (the size of the molecule has to be small enough to pass through the pores of the membrane). This process will not disturb protein and other molecules that are too large to pass through the pores of the membrane.

Within each 35 min. treatment, the body releases what it is ready to let go of at that moment in time.  Each foot bath will affect the body differently, as it continues to move more toward maintaining a healthy balance.  Since every person is unique, each person will be affected  differently.  The body's energetic field is stimulated, cells release toxins into the lymphatic system and will be released during the bodies natural elimination process.  One can expect stronger urine & more stool from 3 to 5 days after having one 'energetic foot bath'.  The small amount of Himalayan Salt, chosen because of its balanced crystalline structure, added to the foot bath provides the electrolyte for the Opitmizer, as well as the immediate generation of ions.  Negative ions will bind with some of the molecules it encounters, effectively giving them a negative charge.  The negative charged material will be attracted to the bound by a positive (or less negatively charged) element.


"As a practitioner for over three years, I have some amazing health results from foot baths.  Some of the most dramatic have been lumps that have completely disappeared after usually one foot bath.  I have treated three Vietnam veterans with agent orange in their legs and feet - After taking several foot baths, the itching, burning, and stinging, as well as the discoloration in these areas were all dramatically reduced and all were returned to being comfortable once again.  One man had acetone poisoning.  He had been seriously ill for six years.  After two and a half months of weekly foot baths, he was completely restored to his former health.  In one woman's foot bath, the removal of heavy metals was so extreme that the substance coming from her body through her feet was black and gritty - she had been an airline stewardess for many years.  Toxicity is a major concern in our present polluted society.  We must have a method to detoxify the body.  The energetic foot bath is in my opinion the most effective way to address this serious problem."


"I have been using the foot bath since 2000, and some results have been increased energy.  My complexion is healthy.  People notice something different about me and want whatever it is.  My joints no longer feel stiff, and I just feel an all over renewal."


"I've found a machine that really helps diabetes.  It is the foot bath machine.  It cleans the poisons and toxins out of your system.  I got one because I've been a hairdresser all of my life and my body was extremely toxic.  What I didn't realize was how much it would help my husband who is diabetic.  He had no feeling in the bottoms of his feet for 3 years.  After three treatments the feeling came back.  When his legs were swollen it took the swelling and pain out of his legs and ankle.  He lost seven pounds after that treatment over a two day period.  After continued use of the foot bath machine his breathing got better.  His lung capacity was 40% and now it is 79%.  Also, he had no trouble with heart when he had his hernia surgery.  Normally, he would end up in the ICU unit when ever he had any surgical procedure.  I feel like I have found the fountain of youth.  The best of health to all of you.  Thank you."


"On the first visit it looked like my feet were in a tub transmission fluid when I finished (the foot bath).  I've had severe swelling and pain in my right elbow, bursal sack.  It was crystallizing.  After the first treatment, the swelling kept going down and just two days later back to normal.  I have more energy and don't seem to need naps during the day.  Very impressed with the results!:" -RG

If you have the following medical conditions, you can not participate in the Detox Foot Bath

  • *Pacemaker or other Electrical Monitoring Device
  • *Auto-immune Disease
  • *Liver Disease
  • *Epilepsy
  • *Artificial Organs or Organ transplant
  • *Open Cuts on feet
  • *Pregnant or Nursing
  • *Life threatening medication including blood thinner

Disclaimer:The Optimum Focus Energetic foot bath treatment is not a substitute for medical care and should continue present medical treatment and consult your regular medical doctor for new or old illnesses.  No medical diagnosis can be made by participating in the Energetic foot bath system.  If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor.

Below is a couple receiving their 11th detox foot bath.  This picture was taken after having their feet in the water for 35 minutes. 


Cancellation & late arrival phone number: 480-510-1184  Please store this number where it will be convenient for you if you need it.

About the 24 Hour Cancellation Policy:
You will never be charged for a cancellation if it is made more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled
appointment time.

Reason for this policy:
Notifying me of your intention to cancel or reschedule 24 in advance gives me an opportunity to schedule someone else for that time slot. This is important because others may be on a waiting list or may also be looking for an opportunity to reschedule for a different time. As much advance notice as possible is always appreciated.

If you cancel, reschedule, or miss your appointment with less than 24 hour notice, you will be charged the full amount of your appointment or forfeit any prepaid service for the missed appointment. 


$40.00 for 1  - 35 minute Detox Foot bath


3 - 35 minute Sessions for $99.00

 5 - 35 minute Sessions for $150.00

 10 - 35 minute Sessions for $250.00

 14 - 35 minute Sessions for 300.00

For a deep cleanse, a series of

14 detox foot baths is recommended