Disclaimer: Aromatherapy is not a substitute for medical care and should continue present medical treatment and consult your regular medical doctor for new or old illnesses.  No medical diagnosis can be made by participating by Sol Wellness.  If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor.


Cancellation & late arrival phone number: 480-510-1184  Please store this number where it will be convenient for you if you need it.

About the 24 Hour Cancellation Policy:
You will never be charged for a cancellation if it is made more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled
appointment time.

Reason for this policy:
Notifying me of your intention to cancel or reschedule 24 in advance gives me an opportunity to schedule someone else for that time slot. This is important because others may be on a waiting list or may also be looking for an opportunity to reschedule for a different time. As much advance notice as possible is always appreciated.

If you cancel, reschedule, or miss your appointment with less than 24 hour notice, you will be charged $30.00 or forfeit any prepaid service for the missed appointment. 

At Sol Wellness, we create personalized essential oil products to fit your needs and personality. 

Product can include:

*Massage/Body Oil
*Body Spray
*Room Spray
*Roll on
*Aromatic Bath
*Perfume Cologne
*Salt/Sugar Scrub

We offer wide selection of essential oil blend for emotional and spiritual healing.

$40 for a 60 Minute Consultation and Custom blended product

Custom products range in cost from $5.00 to $20.00